The Crazy Fear of Publishing Video and Audio Content

I was so afraid I couldn’t do what I said I was going to do! Create content and publish it!

I was on my Facebook Page and had posted a short note that I learned an important lesson. That lesson was the need to publish content constantly. I then started going through the process of getting things ready to create my first piece of media that I was going to SHARE WITH THE WORLD! (Think large booming super voice). Anyway, as I was sitting down to start creating, I totally got weirded out and then made the following post below.

From my Facebook Page

After what I just posted about needing to publish all of the time. I just realized how utterly frightening that actually is. It is totally crazy. I talk to people all the time and have absolutely no problem with it at all. But this mental thought that I’m going to sit in front of my computer camera and tell the world that I’m going to provide value to it and share my thoughts, feelings, successes and even my failures just wigged me out. Silly I know but it did. Well, here’s to trying to publish more. Maybe I’ll stick to something that I feel a bit more comfortable with. Just posting simple blog updates and letting it land where it lies, for now.

I am certainly not someone to give up on a challenge, so for now I need to deep dive into my thinking and find the broken pattern in my thought process and make some adjustments. It isn’t always easy, but if I can first find and identify the mental trigger that weirded me out I can then work to retell a new story and look at it through a different lens. Through a different perspective I should be able to completely rewrite my story that I’m telling my self and get to some great one on one content publishing! Until then, happy hunting!

Anyway, I’ve now got to figure this one out and make some mental shifts so I can conquer my false beliefs!

Michael Carey

Husband, Father, Student of Leadership, and most of all blessed by God.

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